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      Create an 'Assassin's Village' in Photoshop (Speed Art)

        In this video, we follow along with Naouri Redouane as he creates this fantasy village scene using Photoshop and Photo Stocks in this speed art video. Red (as he is affectionately known by the team) is a master craftsman when it comes to any type of scenery, but where he...

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      'Guardian' Book Cover Art – Photoshop Speed Art

      What do you get when you combine digital painting, CG assets and stock photography techniques? Join our ‘Cover Jedi’ Christian Bentulan in this speed art as he creates an Urban Fantasy cover and you’ll find out. For the 3D elements and this cover, Christian uses models exported from DAZ3D. Bringing...

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      Create Surreal Broken Mirror Effect in Photoshop

        In this video, the Team’s Mistress of the macabre and surreal Abbey Esparza will take you through the creation of a broken mirror effect.  With the model prepared earlier Abbey jumps straight to the process of creating the glass shards. Using the pen tool, (which quite possibly is the...

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