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      A COMPLETE Character Bundle for Your Photo Manipulation / Book Cover Projects!


      🔥 The BEST LOOKING CG Faces in the World! PHOTO-REALISTIC Characters Created With Our In-House AI-GEN Technology.


      🔥 MULTI-OPTION galleries: perfect for ongoing Book Cover series and projects.


      🔥 100% NEW and ORIGINAL Faces. Tell YOUR Story With our AI-GEN Figure Packs.


      📷 60 HIGH RESOLUTION Files (PNG)

      🔥 Transparent Backgrounds (INSTANT Drag-n-Drop)

      ✅ Use for: PERSONAL or COMMERCIAL Projects

      ✅ Head Packs for 'Frankensteining' / Body Swaps (MASSIVE Versatility)

      ✅ AI-GEN Figure Bundles EXCLUSIVE to PM!

      ✅ Compatible with all raster software, including: Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, and Gimp


      SET INFO:

      • Ethnicity: Japanese
      • Hair Color: Black / Wavy
      • Gender: Male
      • Genre / Theme: Historical / Feudal Japan / Samurai
      • Includes: 30 Full Body Figures + 30 Head Shots
      • Technology: Created With NeoStock's AI-GEN System


      ✅ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you're not fully happy with this bundle, we'll refund your order immediately!


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